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    In an interconnected world, intensely marked by the interdependence and interplay of cultures, people, events and knowledge, our teaching methodology naturally could not remain impervious to the conditions and imperatives of our time. The cornerstone of our teaching philosophy is the principle of learning by acting and doing.

    This holistic approach is based on fostering motivation to participate, given that the active involvement of students in the learning process is an essential prerequisite for the acquisition of knowledge.

    Today’s educational needs call for up-to-date teaching tools, which tap into and take advantage of teachers’ knowledge to the fullest extent and trigger pupils’ interest, allowing the learning process to take place naturally.

    The integration of Interactive Smart Boards, computers and multimedia into our lessons constitutes a decision that is fully in line with our educational philosophy. Over the years, we have invested in such state-of-the-art equipment, which now forms an essential element of our course curriculum across all teaching levels.

    This way, we achieve:

    • Greater enthusiasm and interest;
    • More opportunities for participation and collaboration;
    • The development of social aptitudes and interpersonal skills;
    • The enhancement of learner involvement and their capacity to understand complex concepts;
    • Improved learning of children with diverse learning profiles (visual, aural, kinesthetic, see Gardner);
    • The instilling of self-confidence.
    According to foremost educational theorists, interaction and participation are the primary means through which knowledge is acquired. The establishment of a productive and supportive atmosphere must constitute an integral element imbuing all aspects of school-based learning. The active involvement of pupils has multiple benefits. It is both conducive to learning, as well as simultaneously providing pupils with exposure to the linguistic output generated by the group dynamic, thus developing their language skills to the full. (Vygotsky / Social cognition)  

    It has been observed that pupils who have imparted their knowledge through private home-schooling exhibit, as a rule, a low level of language ability and, what is worse, they have come to identify the magically creative process of language learning with a tedious, basically rote-learning approach to teaching. This explains why parents who have been educated to higher level and who possess a sound grasp of a foreign language choose to entrust their children to reliable Language Schools.